Campsites: Camping & Caravans

In Denmark, Walpole and Albany, Western Australia

There are some incredible places to camp along the Rainbow Coast. From the beaches to the forests to the wilderness, you'll find the perfect camping spot for your holidays.

Birts of the South Coast of Western Australia

Here you will find a list of the campsites we're aware of, in Albany, Denmark & Walpole.  We hope this assist your plan to visit to the Rainbow Coast!
Most campgrounds are open year-round, but most campgrounds are extremely busy during school and public holidays.  We suggest you have an alternative in case your first choice campground is full when you arrive! 

We have provided as much information as possible but we recommend contacting the people responsible for each individual campground for current availability, rules and rates.

At the bottom you'll also find a Campground Map and current live Weather from the South Coast. This info is provided only as a guide.

Camping is only permitted in designated campgrounds to help ensure that the special experience of visiting WA parks can continue to be enjoyed by others now and into the future.  Follow the simple principles of Leave No Trace to minimise the environmental impact of your visit.

Cosy Corner Campground, Albany Region of Albany, Western Australia

The beautiful south coast of Western Australia offers many opportunities to camp in amazing natural surroundings.

Camping in Denmark, Western Australia

If you've been to Denmark, you'll know how stunningly beautiful the area is. There are several camping locations close to Denmark including:

Parry Beach, Denmark, WA

Parry Beach WA - 21 kms west of Denmark.
Drive along the South Coast Hwy. Turn down Parry Beach road and drive to the end of the road, where you turn left into the camp grounds.
Fees apply

This large campsite with separate bays is simply wonderful at the far western end of William Bay National Park and merges with Mazzoletti Beach.

Only a short distance from the beach and under the shade of peppermint trees make this a tranquil location. The road through the campsite is excellent.
The Bibbulmun Track winds through the campsite, along the beach to Tower Hill and beyond to Lights Beach.

There are no shops, the nearest town is Denmark 21km away.There are public picnic tables around the campsite.

You cannot make a booking, you need to turn up to get a place. It is busy during main school holidays.
If you are planning to visit during the Peak Period there is a high possibility that there will be no vacancies available in the campground.

  • Two flushing toilets
  • Solar shower blocks
  • Solar night lighting
  • BBQ and picnic area 
  • Bins
  • Laundry
  • Bore water
  • Caretaker on site
  • Unpowered sites only

  • Boat launch
  • Fishing
  • Bibbulmun Track runs through part of the park and along the beach.
  • Swimming
  • Surfing
  • Dog friendly (must be kept on a leash)
  • Firewood (can be purchased)

Run by volunteers, who keep the place tidy and clean. Find out more about Parry Beach.

Parry Beach, Denmark WA

Parry Beach, Denmark

Parry Beach Campground

Camping in Albany, Western Australia

There are many campgrounds within the Albany Region of Western Australia. Torbay, Cosy Corner and Shelley Beach at West Cape Howe are in between Denmark and Albany.

Torbay Inlet Rd Campground, (Floodgates) Torbay

Torbay Inlet WA - 40 kms east of Denmark town.
28km west of Albany at the end of Torbay Inlet Road.  Turn south off Lower Denmark Road onto Perkins Beach Road, then take a left onto Torbay Inlet Road. The campground is at the end of that 4km dirt road. 
Free Camping. 

Torbay Inlet is a very small camping area protected by coastal scrub in a peaceful location, surrounded by peppermint trees, on the banks of the Torbay Inlet. 

It offers free camping up to a maximum of 7 days. 5 small caravan bays and 16 tent bays.  No advance booking possible. 

Dogs on a leash are allowed. Limited mobile phone signal is available. NO Fires. 

The Torbay Inlet has plenty of shade where you can set up your tent, caravan or campers. It is accessible by 2WD along an unsealed gravel road, however is not suitable for larger caravans.Follow the track, next to the inlet, to the beach.
  • Public Toilets
  • Beach Access
  • Dog friendly 

  • Swimming
  • Fishing
  • Canoeing
  • Surfing
  • 4WD boat launch
Torbay Inlet Camping Torbay Inlet Camping

Shelley Beach, West Cape Howe National Park, Albany

30 km west of Albany via Lower Denmark Rd, turn south on Cosy Corner Rd.  Turn right on Coombes Rd, turn left on Shelley Beach Road and follow the signs. 
2WD gravel Road - access along a narrow and steep descent onto Shelley Beach with limited turnaround if the carpark is busy. 
Entry and Camping Fees Apply
Bookings cannot be made.

Shelley Beach Campsite is right on the beach! This area is spectacularly beautiful with a white pristine sandy beach, turquoise clear waters, stunning surrounds and walking trails all around.
It is a small natural coastal campsite with limited space right on the beach,
The Shelley Beach Lookout is a popular gliding launch pad, what a view! 

Shelley Beach is not suitable for caravans or camper trailers. Only tents & small camper vans (without side awnings) are permitted for overnight stays. CALM administered site.Shelley Beach has a large car park set just behind the beach. 

  • No dogs
  • No fires
  • No caravans or trailers
  • No buses or long vehicles
  • Drop Toilet

  • Hang gliding & paragliding
  • Fishing
  • Scuba diving
  • Bibbulmun Track - walking
  • Rock Climbing

Find out more about Shelley Beach.

Torbay Inlet Camping Torbay Inlet Camping

Cosy Corner Beach (East), Albany

30 km west of Albany (half way between Albany and Denmark off the Lower Denmark Road. Turn onto Cosy Corner Rd, follow the signs. Sealed Road Access. 
Free camping.
Maximum stay 3 nights. 

Cosy Corner is a stunning coastal area with a white sandy beach, granitic headlands and offshore limestone islands.

This beachside campsite is popular, protected and secluded and is set in Peppermint woodlands and coastal heath.  There are two camping areas, the upper suitable for caravans.  Accessible by 2WD. 
There are picnic benches and a shaded grassy area.

The islands are in the Ngari Capes Marine Park, a marine protected area conserving marine biodiversity. 

  • No Fires! Within the Shire of Albany, no fires are permitted on Shire Reserves at ANY TIME.
  • Beach shower
  • Composting toilets
  • Dog friendly
  • Bins
  • Picnic Table

  • Boat launch
  • Snorkelling
  • Fishing (Be aware of daily bag limits, minimum legal sizes and other regulations)
  • Swimming (generally sheltered and is popular for swimming)
  • Bibbulmun Track - walking
  • Diving (Stunning reefs and drop-offs that are home to a myriad of colourful marine animals)

Find out more about Cosy Corner.

Cosy Corner Camping, Albany Cosy Corner Camping, Albany

Bettys Beach, Manypeaks

17 km South of Many Peaks, 50km East of Albany. Turn off South Coast Highway on to Homestead Road for 9 km. Next Bettys Beach Road for 5 km. The last part is all gravel road.
It is 2WD accessible, however there is an extremely steep access road with small turn around areas. Located between Two Peoples Bay and Normans Beach. Follow the signs. 
Free camping

This beautiful coastal health campsite has direct access to the beach and spectacular coastal views.  The two quiet and secluded camping areas are accessible by 2WD.
Durning the professional salmon fishing season from 15 February – 30 April camping closed.

  • Toilet
  • Dog Friendly
  • Picnic bench
  • No power or water
  • Bins
  • No caravans
  • Swimming
  • Fishing
Bettys Beach Campground, Manypeaks, Albany Australia

Norman's Beach, Manypeaks

49 km east of Albany at Manypeaks, reached via the South Coast Highway, Homestead Rd and Norman's Beach Rd. 
Free camping.

This foreshore camp site is protected and shady and provides a secluded beach setting under Peppermint, Eucalyptus and Melaleuca trees and surrounded by coastal scrub.  There is a walk track and steps to the beach. 
Maximum stay 3 nights.
2WD accessible, however is not suitable for large caravans due to smaller turn around areas and limited camping sites.
  • Bore Hole
  • Caravans
  • Dog friendly

  • Fishing
  • Swimming
  • Walking
Bettys Beach Campground, Manypeaks, Albany Australia

East Bay Road Campground, near Two People's Bay National Park

52 km north-east of Albany. On East Bay Rd, the site is off Bettys Beach Rd via Homestead Rd, off the South Coast Hwy. 
The access road is steep and there is limited turning space so it is not suitable for caravans or large campervans. 
Free camping. 

East Bay Camping is secluded and set within Eucalypt Mallee shrublands with direct access to the beach. The name mallee is derived from the aboriginal word 'mali' meaning water. Mallee roots contain fresh drinking water, a valuable resource when there is no surface water available. 

This beautiful section of coastline is perfect for relaxing and appreciating the magnificent views.  The beach goes on for several kilometres around the bay and its great for swimming, fishing and snorkelling. 
Restricted camping sites and the basic facilities suit self-sufficient campers.

  • No caravans or large campervans
  • Toilet
  • No water, No shower, No bins. 
  • Dog friendly
  • Camping on the beach is not permitted.

  • Swimming
  • Snorkelling
  • Dolphins and marine life, wildlife and birdlife. 

Find out more about Two Peoples Bay National Park.

Bettys Beach Campground, Manypeaks, Albany Australia

Waychinicup Inlet Camping Area in Waychinicup National Park

60 km’s north east of Albany. Head north east along Chester Pass, then the south coast highway and turn right at Cheyne Road then Waychinicup Road. 
The rough gravel entry road off Cheyne Beach Road is suitable for 2WD. Please drive carefully as the road has speed humps, is narrow in places and is subject to flooding. 
Camping Fees Apply

This stunningly located camping site has around 9 campsites.  It is surrounded by granite rocks and offers picturesque inland and ocean views.  Camping only, limited spaces. 

Nestled beside the protected inlet waters of the Waychinicup River it is perfect for swimming, fishing, walking and kayaking, you can easily launch your boat from the shore.
There is a lot of bird and wildlife in the area including parrots, goannas and possums, and beautiful wildflowers in season. The park is home to some of the rarest animals in Australia. 

  • Toilet
  • No fresh water
  • No Caravans, Camper trailers or Campervans permitted to camp here.
  • No dogs
  • No fires
  • Road subject to flooding, when flooded only 4WD access. 

  • Canoeing
  • Fishing (Bream, herring, skippy and King George whiting are common) 
  • Swimming

Waychinicup National Park extends from Normans Beach to Cheynes Beach. It's coastline, wildlife and birdlife is truly remarkable.

Camping in Walpole, Western Australia

There are many campgrounds within the Albany Region of Western Australia. Torbay, Cosy Corner and Shelley Beach at West Cape Howe are in between Denmark and Albany.

Crystal Springs

Situated in the Walpole-Nornalup National Park a little more than ten kilometres west of Walpole at the turning for Mandalay Beach. 500m off the highway>
Fees apply

Marked camp sites.

  • Bush toilet
  • Drinking water
  • BBQ
  • Unpowered
  • Picnic tables

There are two other campgrounds in this area which are accessible only by 4WD: Banksia Beach (4 kms of 4WD only), Long Point (9 kms of 4WD only).

Find out more about Mandalay Beach and Walpole.

Mandalay Beach near Crystal Springs Campground, Albany Region of Albany, Western Australia

Centre Road Crossing Camp at Mount Frankland South National Park

20km west of Walpole on South Western Highway. On Centre Rd, 5 km east of the South Western Hwy, take the signposted turn-off 20 km north-west of Walpole.
Situated in National Park on the Deep River, this small camping area is on the western side of Deep River in the middle of the karri, jarrah and tingle forests. 
Free camping but Park Fees apply for the Mount Frankland National Park. 
Maximum stay 3 days. No Bookings. 
NOTE: Centre Road crosses Deep River so in winter it is only passable by 4WD

Visitors can also launch a canoe/kayak and paddle from Fernhook to Centre Road Crossing. 

  • Marked camp sites.
  • Toilet
  • Drinking water
  • BBQ
  • Unpowered
  • Picnic tables
  • 1 cabin available

 Surrounded by dense forest. 

Centre Road Crossing Camping

Fernhook Falls, Mount Frankland Camping, Walpole

Situated 36 km north-west of Walpole on Beardmore Road, turn off South Western Highway.
Fernhook Falls is a small, secluded camping area in the forest near the river. 
Fees apply.  No Bookings.Maximum stay 3 days. 

  • Toilets
  • Tank Water
  • Gas BBQs
  • Kitchen
  • 8 sites for off-road camper trailers
  • two camp huts
  • Campfires are usually permitted, in the fire rings. 
    When restrictions are in place campfires must not be lit 
  • Canoeing/kayaking into Deep River
  • Hiking along the walking trails
  • Swimming
  • No Dogs

Fernhook Falls are part of the Deep River offering spectacular falls in winter and a popular swimming and picnic spot in summer.
The board walks and the stairway below the falls is a great launch to start your paddle on the pristine Deep River.  White Water season is from July to October.

Find out more about Fernhook Falls near Mount Frankland National Park.

Fernhook Falls Camping, Walpole Fernhook Falls Camping, Walpole

Book online with Parks & Wildlife:

Book online for some campgrounds managed by Parks and Wildlife here: Parks & Wildlife Campground Bookings

Campground Map

Campground Map

Map of the Campgrounds in Albany, Walpole and Denmark Western Australia. Tap the markers for information about the locations on the Map below.

What's on the map? These are the locations plotted above:

Bettys Beach at Manypeaks Bettys Beach at Manypeaks
This campsite has two camping areas. Follow the signs. It is also possible to camp on the beach past the rocks that divide the beach and cove. Visit Bettys Beach at Manypeaks
Centre Road Campground Centre Road Campground
Twenty km northwest of Walpole. Surrounded by dense forest the basic camping facilities include a shelter hut along with limited tent sites. Visit Centre Road Campground
Cosy Corner Campground Cosy Corner Campground
This secluded camping area next to the beach has ten sites set around the trees. There are picnic benches and there is a shady grassed area. Visit Cosy Corner Campground
Crystal Springs Crystal Springs
Situated in the Walpole Nornalup National Park a little more than ten kilometres west of Walpole at the turning for Mandalay Beach. Visit Crystal Springs
East Bay Road Campground East Bay Road Campground
This secluded camping area on Two People Bay. Fish and swim or simply relax and take in the magnificent views. Visit East Bay Road Campground
Fernhook Falls Fernhook Falls
This area is also a popular swimming and picnic spot in summer. Below the falls there is a safe canoe launch during the white water season of July to October. Visit Fernhook Falls
Flood Gates Torbay Inlet Rd Campground Flood Gates Torbay Inlet Rd Campground
Free campground maintained by the City of Albany and is free for seven days. No pets no water no fires. Visit Flood Gates Torbay Inlet Rd Campground
Normans Beach Normans Beach
This foreshore camp ground provides a secluded beach setting surrounded by coastal scrub. Visit Normans Beach
Parry Beach Campground Parry Beach Campground
Parry Beach Campground is a large campsite with separate bay. Only a short distance from the beach and under the shade of peppermint trees makes this a tranquil location. Visit Parry Beach Campground
Shelley Beach Campground Shelley Beach Campground
Shelley Beach bush is a small natural coastal campsite with limited space for trailers. Beautiful white pristine sandy beach and walking trails all around. Visit Shelley Beach Campground
Waychinicup Inlet Camping Area Waychinicup Inlet Camping Area
9 tent sites some walk in only. The facilities are basic you need to bring drinking water and a gas or fuel stove but the coastal location is picturesque. Visit Waychinicup Inlet Camping Area

Current Weather along the South Coast of WA

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Rainbows Rainbows
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Rainbow Coast Regions:

Albany Region Albany Region
The Albany Region of Western Australia is a land of mountains and waterways. An amazing region to explore. Visit Albany Region
Denmark Region Denmark Region
The Denmark Region is gorgeous. Trees, hills, beaches, rocks, wildlife around the river and the inlet. Visit Denmark Region
Walpole Region Walpole Region
Walpole is the western end of the Rainbow Coast and is surrounded by National Park and forested wilderness. Visit Walpole Region

Main Attractions on the Coast:

Ocean Beach Ocean Beach
Ocean Beach is set between the Wilson Inlet and the Great Southern Ocean, and is the closest beach to Denmark Town. A popular surfing spot and lookout.. Visit Ocean Beach
Greens Pool Greens Pool
Almost completely sheltered from the waves of the Great Southern Ocean, Greens Pool is a paradise. Visit Greens Pool
Elephant Rocks Elephant Rocks
Giant rocks shaped like elephants stand together facing into the waves of the Great Southern Ocean Visit Elephant Rocks
Mount Frankland Mount Frankland
Starting in the karri trees you wind up and through towards the summit of Mt Frankland way above the tree top canopy. Visit Mount Frankland
Two Peoples Bay NP Two Peoples Bay NP
Located approximately 25 kilometres north-east of Albany. Rediscovery of the presumed extinct noisy scrub-bird. Visit Two Peoples Bay NP
West Cape Howe National Park West Cape Howe National Park
Containing the southernmost point of Western Australia this national park is astounding. Visit West Cape Howe National Park
Shelley Beach Shelley Beach
Turquoise waters, verdant surrounds and ocean breeze make this beach a popular yet remote destination. Visit Shelley Beach
The Gap The Gap
An impressive rugged granite channel carved by the waves of the Great Southern Ocean crashing against the granite coastline forming a spectacular sheer drop of almost twenty five metres. Visit The Gap
Natural Bridge Natural Bridge
The Natural Bridge is a granite formation caused by the gradual wearing away of the rock by the Great Southern Ocean. Visit Natural Bridge
Brig Amity Replica Brig Amity Replica
Experience the first settlers arrival in Albany, the first settlement in Western Australia, from onboard a replica of the Amity. Visit Brig Amity Replica
Middleton Beach Middleton Beach
The most popular beach in Albany. Swim or relax under the trees. Cafes and amenities. Visit Middleton Beach
Little Beach Little Beach
This gorgeous beach is approximately 25 kilometres north east of Albany in Two Peoples Bay National Park. Visit Little Beach
Albany Wind Farm Albany Wind Farm
Beautiful and productive green energy from the wind of the Torndirrup, just outside Albany City towards Frenchman Bay. Visit Albany Wind Farm
Ancient Empires Walk Ancient Empires Walk
The Ancient Empires Walk takes you through the forest at the base of the Giant Tingle Trees at the Treetop Walk. Visit Ancient Empires Walk
Bibbulmun Track Bibbulmun Track
The Bibbulmun Track stretches from Kalamunda in the Perth hills to Albany, through many locations in the heart of the Rainbow Coast. Visit Bibbulmun Track
Denmark Wineries Denmark Wineries
Denmark Wineries and Vineyards to visit while on holiday along the Rainbow Coast. Wineries with restaurants, music, cellar doors and more! Visit Denmark Wineries
Frenchman Bay Frenchman Bay
Located on the southern side of King George Sound this beautiful setting has a grassy picnic area, BBQs and boat launch. Ideal beachfront location for a great day out! Visit Frenchman Bay
Giant Tingle Tree Giant Tingle Tree
This Giant Tingle Tree is special because it the oldest living eucalypt in the world. It is an 800 metre walk from the car park to the Giant Tingle and back. Visit Giant Tingle Tree
Lights Beach Lights Beach
Inspiring lookout and beach offering spectacular views of William Bay from the east. A favourite local beach. Visit Lights Beach
Mandalay Beach Mandalay Beach
Spectacular views to Chatham Island, gorgeous white sandy beach it is a must-see... sometimes the shipwreck is visible too. Visit Mandalay Beach
Monkey Rock Monkey Rock
Spectacular elevated views over William Bay Nat. Park, Ratcliffe Bay, Ocean Beach and the Nullaki Peninsula. Visit Monkey Rock
Princess Royal Fortress Princess Royal Fortress
One of the best outdoor military museums in Australia. The Fortress is within the Albany Heritage Park, atop Mount Adelaide. Visit Princess Royal Fortress
Rainbows Rainbows
The coast is perfectly placed to see Rainbows! And perfectly named. Green trees, mountains, forests beaches, and winter rainbows. Visit Rainbows
South Coast Beaches Map South Coast Beaches Map
South Coast Beaches from west of Walpole to East of Albany all on one map! Visit South Coast Beaches Map
Valley of the Giants Valley of the Giants
The Valley of the Giants Wilderness Discovery Centre at the Treetop Walk is the most visited place on the Rainbow Coast. Visit Valley of the Giants